The Voice

The Voice Video Slots hits all the right notes with exciting content from the TV show and exciting gameplay to keep you engaged! During The Voice Bonus, an outer wheel is spun to award the number of spins or picks used in the bonuses. During the Performer Bonus, players get to pick a performer to experience the bonus with them! Four celebrity Coaches from around the world, including Adam Levine, Blake Shelton, Ricky Martin and Rita Ora, are featured in photos and video, and the iconic elements of the show-the stage, coaches chairs, and red button-are fully integrated into the game.


The inaugural games, Thunderball and Casino Royale, in the highly-anticipated James Bond series are now available! The games include a single-level, life-changing, wide-area progressive top award and showcase iconic, action-packed film clips from the movies that inspired them. Thunderball, the 1965 feature film famous for thrilling aquatic action scenes. Casino Royale, stars the action-packed 2006 feature film centered around a high-stakes poker game. Both of these thrilling games are sure to raise the stakes!


Coming Soon…

You Tarzan. Me win big. A true jackpot chase game – Tarzan™ offers a single-level wide-area progressive and two standalone progressive jackpots with resets of $20,000, $100 and $20, respectively. Free games up the jackpot excitement as the wheel feature multiplier is also applied to all winning major and minor jackpots.