Mini/Midi Baccarat

Mini/Midi Baccarat has long been among the most popular casino games in Europe and Latin America, and is probably one of the simplest game to play. The object of mini/midi baccarat is to bet on one of two hands, the one you think will come closest to nine. Nine is the highest hand. Ten value cards have zero value. Aces always count as one. If the cards dealt total more than nine on either hand, they acquire the value of the second digit. Example: 10=0 17=7 20=0 23=3.

Before cards are dealt from the shoe, everyone places their bet on the side they think will win (Banker or Player). The dealer deals four cards alternately. Two are designated Player cards; two are designated Banker cards. The dealer announces the total of each hand and, if the rules require, will call for a possible third card for either side. The winning third card for either side is announced, losing bets are collected and winning bets are paid even money. All winning bets on the bank side are assessed a 5% commission. The 5% commission will be settled at the end of each hand. There is one other bet called the “tie.” You are betting that both the player and banker hands will tie. If they tie, you will be paid 8 to 1.