Spanish 21

You don’t need to speak Spanish to play this wild and crazy version of ‘21’. It could also be called ‘Missing Tens’ because the game is played with six ‘Spanish’ decks of 48 cards missing the 10 cards. This casino favorite makes a very interesting, fast paced game.

Blackjack – Player blackjack beats Dealer blackjack. The Dealer hits on soft 17, and stands on all other totals of 17.

Player Total of 21 – Pays immediately, up to 3-1.

Surrender – Players may ‘surrender’ their first two cards instead of ‘taking a hit’ or ‘standing.’ Players will forfeit one-half of original bet and be removed from the round. Players cannot ‘Surrender’ on a Dealer Blackjack.

Splitting Pairs – Players can split cards of equal value, including Aces, up to three times, creating four hands. When splitting, Aces are treated like any other card. Hitting and doubling down of split hands, including Aces, is allowed.

Doubling Down – Players can double down on two or more cards, even after splitting. ‘Bonus 21’ payouts are not paid on doubled hands. Players can double down a maximum of 3 times on one hand.

Rescue – After doubling, if a player is dissatisfied with his/her non-busted hand, the Player may rescue (take back) the last DOUBLED portion of the bet.

Super Bonus – This bonus requires no additional or special wager and pays when a player’s first three cards are suited 7’ and the Dealer’s up card is any 7. Please see the table for specific details.

Bonus 21 Payouts – Players holding the following hands totaling 21, and who have not doubled down, are paid a Bonus 21 Payout.