Three Card Poker

Three Card Poker is a ‘hybrid’ game that combines different elements to give Players options to make their gaming experience even better!

In Three Card Poker, the Player wagers against the Dealer by playing the ‘Ante’ bet and ‘Play’ bet. The Player then has the option of making an additional bet on the value of their poker hand by betting on the Pair Plus.

Three Card Poker draws on its poker roots in the ranking of hands, but with some important exceptions: a straight ranks higher than a flush, and a three-of-a-kind beats them both.

The Pair Plus element of the game is clean and simple. You’re not playing against the Dealer or other Players; it’s just three cards and you. Hopefully you’ll get a pair or better.

With the ‘Ante’ or ‘Play’ bet the Player is going directly against the Dealer. Once you’ve decided to make your Play bet or fold, the Dealer exposes his three cards. The Dealer has to have a hand of Queen-high or better in order to qualify. If the Dealer fails to qualify, Ante bets are paid even money and Play bets are returned so the next hand can be dealt. If the Dealer has a qualifying hand, it’s compared to each Player’s hand. If the Player’s hand beats the Dealer’s, both the Play and Ante bets are paid off 1 to 1. If the Dealer wins, both bets are claimed by the house. In a tie, both bets are a push, and no money changes hands.

Three Card Poker, with its comfortable pace, flexible wagering and bonus payouts make for a very exciting and fun gaming experience. Enjoy yourself and good luck!