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Crazy 4 Poker

You’ll go absolutely Crazy 4 this game! Crazy 4 Poker is a variant of 4 card poker. Instead of four cards, each player and the dealer are dealt five cards face down. Crazy 4 Poker uses a standard 52 card deck. Players are required to make two bets of equal value on both the Ante and Super Bonus. Players also have the option of wagering on the Queens Up. This is an optional bet on the value of the player’s hand and requires at least a pair of Queens to win. The last wager is the Play. The Play wager must be made before the dealer exposes their hand and must be equal to the Ante and Super Bonus unless the player has a pair of Aces or better, in which case the player may wager 3x the Ante and Super Bonus. The best four cards play on each hand and the dealer must qualify with a King High. If the dealer does not qualify, all Play bets are paid 1 to 1 and all Ante bets push.