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Criss Cross Poker

If a Player wants to double their chance to win, Criss Cross Poker is the game. Players can win across, down, or BOTH.

The game is played with a traditional 52 card deck and traditional poker hand ranking applies. Each Player will be dealt two cards and there will be five community cards, three across and three down, for the Player to use to complete two separate five card hands.

The game is started by the Player making two mandatory bets: the ANTE ACROSS and the ANTE DOWN. Both the ANTE ACROSS and the ANTE DOWN have to be equal to one another. The Dealer will then deal five community cards face down and place them on the layout. Each Player will then be dealt two cards. Once the Player decides if they would like to play they must make the ACROSS bet in the amount of 1x, 2x, or 3x their ANTE. Once the bet is made the two ACROSS cards will be revealed. The same is done for the DOWN bet and as before it can be 1x, 2x, or 3x the ANTE. Once the DOWN bet is made the two DOWN cards are exposed. Last comes the fifth and final card to be revealed, the MIDDLE. It is the last required bet, and has the same rules as the two previous bets. The Dealer will then flip the MIDDLE and final card before exposing the Player’s hands.

Players can win ACROSS and DOWN, or push one and lose the other, or push both, or win one and lose one. The odds start at a pair of Jacks or better at 1 to 1, and the top payout is 500 to 1. A pair of sixes through a pair of tens will push.

5 Card Bonus Criss Cross Poker Side Bet

In addition to the excitement of the main game, here at Chukchansi Gold we offer the 5 Card Bonus. This considers only the five community cards and receives action regardless of whether or not the player folds. A pair of sixes or better receives 1 to 1 and the top payout is 250 to 1.