Q: Do I need a Chukchansi Rewards Card to play?

A: No. You can play, win or lose, and enjoy the entire Chukchansi facility without a Chukchansi Rewards Card; however, you will not be eligible for any of the benefits awarded to Chukchansi Rewards Club members.

Q: Does it cost anything to join the Chukchansi Rewards Club?

A: Just a couple of minutes of your time. You can join right now on-line or visit the Chukchansi Rewards Club on you next visit to Chukchansi Gold Resort & Casino to fill out the brief application form. To obtain your Chukchansi Rewards Card you’ll need to show your valid identification, (drivers license or state identification card or for International guests, your passport).

Q: I lost my Chukchansi Rewards Card. What should I do?

A: Just stop by The Chukchansi Rewards Club on your next visit, show your valid identification and we’ll make you a new card on your same member number.

Q: Can someone else use my lost Chukchansi Rewards Card and spend my points?

A: No. That’s one of the reasons we always check identification.

Q: What is E-Cash?

A: E-Cash is a dollar amount put on your account electronically. It is for slot play only and can be played on any of the E-Cash designated machines. E-Cash cannot be “cashed-out,” it must be played through in order to cash out winnings. Once your E-Cash is placed on your account it will be accessible and playable ONLY for the day it is issued.

Q: What is a PIN number and how do I get one?

A: Your Personal Identification Number, or PIN, is placed on your account at the Chukchansi Rewards Club. It is a four digit number that you select to use for access to account information both online and at the casino and at the slot machines to access and play your E-Cash or the cash value of your points. Instructions for how to use your PIN are simple and can be obtained at the Chukchansi Rewards Club.