Facial Treatments

Facial Treatments

Harmony: Anti-Aging – 80 minutes

The ultimate antidote for time, this facial is for anyone whose skin is in need of rejuvenation. Two cutting-edge ingredients — cytokines and encapsulated oxygen — counteract environmental aging. Fine lines and wrinkles appear less visible while the skin’s natural beauty is restored. This facial is suitable for all skin types to prevent the process of premature aging.

Purifying Deep Pore/Acne Facial – 50/80 minutes

This deep pore-cleansing facial will help balance and control your skin during the stages of inflammation or breakout. Using a complete line of ingredients with salicylic peel is penetrated leaving the skin renewed hydrated, and radiant. Especially beneficial to sun damaged or mature skin.

Cucumber Green Tea Facial – 50 minutes

A refreshing and soothing facial enriched with green tea extracts and bioflavonoid to boost and strengthen the skin’s immunity and defense against the environment. Excellent for all skin conditions.

Rosacea/Sensitive Skin Facial – 50 minutes

This specialized facial is targeted to sensitive skin. A gentle exfoliation allows the skin to slough off using jojoba spheres. A concentrated masque follows enriched with therapeutic and anti-inflammatory botanical extracts and soothing vitamins specifically designed to calm skin. Your skin is left nourished and refreshed.

Back “Facial” Treatment – 50 minutes

This treatment is designed to cleanse and soothe that delicate area just out of reach. Includes cleansing, exfoliation, extraction and massage followed by a detoxifying mask.

Gentlemen’s Replenishing Facial – 50 minutes

A deep cleansing facial especially tailored to a man’s skin and senses. Provides relief from razor or skin irritations while replenishing necessary nutrients lost during the grooming process.

Customized Facials – 50/80 minutes

Let us individualize your facial. We use classic skin care treatments for dry, sensitive, oily, sun abused, wrinkled or dehydrated skin that are specialized to your skin type and condition. Emerge with your natural beauty restored.

Express Facial – 50/80 minutes

Brief but relaxing! Cleansing and gentle exfoliation, and a personalized balancing mask leave your skin re-hydrating and glowing.