Richer Roulette

Richer Roulette

Richer Roulette is our version of traditional roulette. This game is highly entertaining and easy to follow. It moves at an easy pace but offers all the excitement of big-money traditional roulette play. Richer roulette uses 38 tiles face down in the wheel for each round of play. The tiles are numbered 1-36 with 0 and 00 each matching a space on the table. 

The game is begun by the dealer spinning the Richer Roulette wheel. Each slot in the wheel holds a tile face down that corresponds to the number on the layout that determines the winner. Once “No More Bets” is announced, the dealer will spin the top portion of the wheel in the opposite direction of the base to stop the wheel on a winning tile which the dealer will pull and announce. Any bets placed on that number (including combinations involving that number as well as whether or not it was even, odd, red, or black) will win. As most chips used in roulette hold no monetary value, all chips must be redeemed at the table.

Richer Roulette Heart and Spade Richer Roulette Side Bet

In addition to the main game Richer roulette offers a side bet that costs only a dollar. On the dealer’s side of the table is a “track” with all the numbers on the layout, 1-36 0 and 00. If the wheel stops on a Heart or a Spade, and there is a wager on the number track that corresponds with the number tile that was pulled odds will be paid. Odds are as follows:

  • Winning number aligns with a Spade: 100 to 1
  • Winning number aligns with a Heart: 100 to 1