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Ultimate Texas Hold’em

Ultimate Texas Hold ‘em is the table games version of the super popular and extremely well known Texas Hold ‘em. Instead of playing against nine opponents, each Player plays against the Dealer and has the option of making a wager on the value of their hand. 

In Ultimate Texas Hold ‘em, the earlier the Player bets the more they can wager. Plus, the Player does not have to decide whether to fold or play until all of the Community Cards are exposed. If the Trips wager is bet and the final five card hand is at least three of a kind (Trips), the bet will be paid odds.

The game is starting by making the two mandatory bets, the Play and the Ante, and at this time the Player has the option of making the Trips bet as well. Once all bets are placed the Dealer will deal five cards face down. Each Player will then receive two cards ending with the Dealer receiving two cards as well. After Players check their hole cards, they must decide whether to Check, Play or Fold. If the Player decides to play before the Flop they may bet three or four times the Ante, if they decide to play after the Flop they may bet two times the Ante, and if they wait until all community cards are exposed they may bet equal to the Ante.

The Dealer must have at least a pair to qualify. If not, the Ante bet is returned to the Player and all other bets must face the Dealer. If the Dealer’s hand beats the Player’s hand, the Play, Ante, and Blind wagers lose. If the Player and the Dealer tie the three main game bets push.