A Service Animal is an animal individually trained to work or perform tasks for the benefit of an individual with a permanent disability.

A pet therapy animal (also known as an emotional support animal or comfort animal) is not a service animal under this policy and is not permitted.

Requirements are and not limited to:

  • All animals need to be immunized against rabies and other diseases common to that type of animal. All vaccinations must be current.
  • Animals must wear a rabies vaccination tag.
  • Owners must provide a copy of current rabies vaccination certificate if requested.
  • Canine Licensing and Vaccination Procedure (17 CCR 2606.4).
  • All dogs must be licensed per county codes.
  • Service animals must wear an owner identification tag (which includes the name and phone number of the owner) at all times.
  • Animals must be in good health.
  • Animals must be on a leash, harness or other type of restraint at all times, unless the owner/partner is unable to retain an animal on leash due to a disability.
  • The owner must be in full control of the animal at all times. The care and supervision of the animal is solely the responsibility of the owner/partner.
  • Reasonable behavior is expected from service animals while on company property. The owners of disruptive and aggressive service animals may be asked to remove them from CGRC facilities. If the improper behavior happens repeatedly, the owner may be told not to bring the service animal into any facility until the owner takes significant steps to mitigate the behavior.
  • Cleanliness of the service animal is mandatory. The owner/partner is expected to clean and dispose of animal waste.
  • Service animals cannot be left unattended in hotel rooms or in any other room inside the facility.
  • The dedicated pet relief area is located outdoors on the northeast side of the casino, between main entrance & bus entrance.
  • We reserve the right to ask questions pertaining to the requirements set forth above.